Kravmaga basic

Kravmaga basic

Today, Kravmaga is going to learn about the basic.

The higher the level of Kravmaga, the more complex and difficult the technology is.

However, even such high-level techniques and movements are based on the basic movements of Kravmaga at the beginning.

For example, “360 Defense” is a very basic defense method that protects your body from the opponent who attacks you.

We Kravmaga basic technology is introduced in Level 1 of KKM Kravmaga, and based on this, it can be used in conjunction with the following actions:

The “busting” we introduced earlier is also a technique for simultaneous attack and defense based on “360 Defense”.

Then let’s learn more about KKM Kravmaga basic moves.

Kravmaga basic

Kravmaga Basic Curriculum

(Basic position), (High cover), (High cover , palm block), (Counter jab , Cross), (Hook), (Uppercut), (Palm strike), (Hammer, Side Hammer), (Hammer behind), (Finger Strike), (Finger push, grab), (Parry, Long parry, Reverse parry)

The above techniques are the most basic techniques of all movements by KKM Kravmaga as a basic process.

It is characterized by a total of 12 movements consisting of easy defense and attack techniques.

For new members who are just starting, the detailed system is really impressive to make it easier to understand the basic theory of attack and defense.

In fact, the existence of this curriculum in detail may be a reliable part of the organization.

If we have acquired this basic course smoothly, we will be able to learn the skills of self-defence level 1.

In the case of KKM Kravmaga self-defence process, there is a phased curriculum.

Self Defense Basic

Self-defense level.1

Self-defense level.2

Self-defense level.3

It goes through the steps of .

Kravmaga basic

Kravmaga uses these basic technologies to better overpower opponents in dangerous situations and to suggest how to get out of danger zones.

In particular, in addition to the techniques of self-defense, we are providing high-quality solutions by improving fundamental situational response methods,

ability to recognize dangerous situations in advance, and confidence.

Today, we learned about KKM Kravmaga self-defence basic process.

Was it helpful?

For your information, there are 12 curriculums for self-defence basic that we introduced today,

but there are more than 40 curriculums from Level 1, so the technology is really huge.

Next time, we’ll talk about self-defense level 1.

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